Something NEW & EXCITING!!


   Andy taught this wonderful Chinese student, in January 2020.

   He has had several classes and in this class he made huge

   improvement. It's about 30 minutes long. This is the way Andy   

   teaches. His HEAVY, HEAVY accent improved so much. You will

   hear the improvement.



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1. FIRST OPTION: Andy has prepared 70 power points, divided into 11 chapters. Each chapter has about 4 or 5 parts. Each segment has Andy speaking into the camera, explaining each slide. Andy's picture is clear and large, and the sound quality is excellent.


Here are 2 of the 11 chapters, picked at random of the 70 videos.



haring                        chapter 4  (you need to copy and paste to your browser)



haring                        chapter 8     (copy and paste to browser)


If you would like to purchase this product, just email Andy. His email address is andy@andykrieger.com   This product is just new on the market and the cost, using PAYPAL is only $30 US ($40 Canadian) Contact Andy through his email and he will be glad to show you more of the 70. As soon as you make the payment he will send all of them to you. All the 11 chapters will be send to you.

As soon as you purchase, Andy will give you 1 hour of free class to explain how he discovered his ACCENT REDUCTION METHOD, and have you speaking WITHOUT YOUR ACCENT, during the class. It's all based on TONGUE AND LIP POSITIONS, which Andy has figured out. Then he will give you also a preview of the 11 chapters.


Why do you need accent reduction?:


1. Maybe you are going to interview for a new job. Speaking without your       accent

    will be a big help in getting the job. An accent can sometimes be an impediment.

2. Maybe you have a chance to get a better job, so your interview is equally as 

    important. The ability to speak with you accent.

3. Maybe you are tired of people saying, "Sorry, what did you say?" or "Where are you from?"


Andy Krieger discovered his METHOD of teaching accent reduction in February 1997.

Since that time, he has taught over 24,000 wonderful students, including Jackie Chan, on the left, famous actors and just regular people, like you


You also have 2 other options:


2. YOUR 2nd option:


    Buy my 40 page book, which explains every aspect of   

    accent reduction. The cost is only $80 + $5 postage and includes 3 hours of free

    instruction at Andy's studio, in the Dunbar area of Vancouver, or on Zoom.  The

    Paypal button is below. The first of 3 hours can be used before you make the decision

    to buy the book. The book will be sent to your mailing address. So, when you

    purchase, you will send me your street address, including zip code, or postal code.

    Then, you get 2 more hours of free class, before or after you read the book.


    PLUS, you will receive the 70 power points, 11 chapters


    Here is a student's comment about the book:


From: Rong Zheng [mailto:624704145@qq.com]
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 10:19 PM
To: andy
Subject: Re: comment about your book


Dear Andy:

Hello Andy! Thank you for your teaching, and I am really appreciate your help. I like your little book because it’s easy to read. I can easily understand the material, and the pictures are useful and understandable. The book organized very well, and it listed very clear. It was helpful to read it and practice the sentence in the end. Anyway, it is a good book, and thank you for your effort.




From: Konstantin Brusov [mailto:brusovedu@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2019 3:57 PM
To: andy krieger
Subject: Hi, Andy's book is great!


"Why have I bought Andy's Accent Reduction Book?  It is easy to explain - because I had a very strong Russian accent.


The language in the book, is easy to digest, straight to the point. It is well structured, with funny examples, intonation and rhythm. Many photographs to help to memorize tongue, lips and teeth positions. It is all about quality over quantity (40 pages). His book is a valuable piece of the puzzle in my journey to speak English in a better manner. 


In addition to this book, I have simultaneously taken Andy’s private lessons. I really recommend them to those who are focusing on refining their English skills.


After completing this course, I have opened the door to my desired job. 


Kosta Brusov l  Dec 2019 l Sydney, Australia"



3. YOUR 3rd option:


    You can take 10 hours of class from Andy. The first hour is free. In that hour I will

    have you speaking without your accent, by copy words that I say in a certain way.

    After the first hour, you can decide if you want to continue. I have NEVER had

    anyone decline, because everyone hears that they are speaking WITHOUT THEIR


    The fee is usually $500 US dollars for everyone outside of Canada and $600 

    Canadian for residents of Canada. Payments are made using PAYPAL, using this

    user name: andy@andykrieger.com   Or you can do an e transfer in Canada.\


    PLUS: you will also receive my book and the 11 chapters, and also 2 mp4

              videos. Each one is about 3 1/2 hrs long and I am speaking into the

              camera, similar to the 11 chapters. The first video has all the words

              CAPTIONED. The 2nd does not, but it is more updated.   No more 

              dvd's are included.


     Here is a video of a mother and daughter who took the first free class. I hope you

     can hear and see the improvement. The mother is a typical Chinese speaker, 

     with a typical accent. About half way through this first class, you will hear her

     speaking more slowly, with beautiful, gentle words, and beautiful LONG VOWELS

   , just from my teaching.

     Her daughter starts out a very fast speaker, with voice UP. She also improved

     so much. Slowed down and started to make her voice go DOWN. 







      If you cannot view it, please email Andy at andy@andykrieger.com

        and I would be glad to send it to you.


Rather than pay for it on this website, please contact me at andy@andykrieger.com

and tell me you are interested in purchasing it. I will send you a few more sample chapters, and then I will instruct you how to pay using Paypal. Thank you.


4. Each of the testimonials on the left hand side of this website are real. They have NOT 

    been edited. I have a perfect method to make your accent go away.




Andy's student , Ida, talks about Andy's class. She took 12 hours in a group class

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Before you order, watch Andy by going to You Tube and put in:


               andy krieger accent reduction 



Please email Andy at this email address for any questions you may have: andy@andykrieger.com or call me in Vancouver, B.C. Canada at 778 835-2535 if you have any questions.



   Andy's Krieger Method main points


Speak more slowly   To allow youself time      To make every word have

                              to get your tongue and              a LONG VOWEL

                          lips into an EXACT POSITION



Even more things to think about before you start learning the Alphabet Positions you will learn:

ALWAYS start with your MOUTH OPEN.





Her mouth is open and she WAITS before.....


Andy will teach you using over 250


power-point slides. Each one is very


specific. No wasted time.



On this site you can:

  1. Buy Andy’s Accent Reduction package
  2. Take a private class with Andy in Vancouver, Canada
  3. Take Zoom classes with Andy (no longer SKYPE)




        The cost is $80 + $5 shipping


  1. You receive Andy’s 40 page book
  2. You receive 2 MP4's where Andy explains Accent Reduction
  3. Each of these mp4 videos are more than 3 hours long. no DVD anymore. Sorry.
  4. You also will get 3 hours of free instruction either in person at Andy’s studio or on Zoom.




Buy Now             

On this site you can:

1. buy Andy's Accent Reduction package (40 page book and 2

    mp4 videos plus other videos. (not DVD but mp4 videos)


2. take 10 private class with Andy in Vancouver B.C.Canada. First 

    hour and 15 minutes is free.


3. take 10 one hour classes with Andy on ZOOM. 1st one is FREE!!



Andy asks you to email him so he can set up a phone call or Zoom session to hear how strong your accent is. (Zoom is much better than Skype.) If you don't know about it or don't use it, go to You Tube and learn how easy it is to use. Then he will determine the price. 




With most students the fee is most often, but not always, as follows:


For students living in CANADA only: $600 Canadian 

For students living in the USA only or any where outside of Canada: $500 US 




            Payments can be made using PAYPAL

   Please use my email address: andy@andykrieger.com



Andy has 2 videos explaining Accent Reduction. You can view the first one for free on You Tube and on other similar Chinese websites. But Andy's version is totally captioned! A big bonus. But only he has the 2nd one, and it will really help you a lot. This video is more than 3 hours long and has him speaking directly into the camera. 



When you purchase, Andy will send you an extra BONUS. He speaks into the camera and explains Accent Reduction, totally updated (July 2017). All the important words he speaks are CAPTIONED. Here is the introduction. You need to copy and paste it to your browser.






AGAIN, Why is accent reduction necessary?

1. Maybe you are planning to come to American or Canada to study. If you

    arrive with an accent, your life will not be easy, because native English

    speakers will have trouble understanding you. 

    Start now, so you will feel good about speaking when you arrive.


2. You want to get a better job, one that requires that you speak English,

    more clearly, with less of an accent. Or you want to speak better at your

    current job to be able to advance.


3. You want to ask out that pretty girl or that handsome boy, and he or she

    speaks English so you need to impress that person, by learning how to

    speak beautiful, clear English.



Watch Andy teach this Chinese couple in their first class.

Then below that video, you can see Andy explaining Accent Reduction.

The 3rd video, below that one, shows Andy being interviewed by CBC, Canada's main television network.



what is your gender & age
what is your native language





Take PRIVATE CLASS with Andy at his studio in Vancouver (Kitsilano area)

  1. email Andy to learn the cost of these classes. Also tell Andy about yourself. Where from? When did you come to USA or Canada? What kind of work? Or are you a student? Why do you want accent reduction?
  2. You will get 10 one hour lessons
  3. The first hour is FREE. The class is actually 1 hour 15 minutes. During that class Andy will have you speaking without your accent!
  4. At the end of that class, you can tell Andy if you want to continue. (Andy has NEVER had anyone decline to continue!!)
  5. If you decide to continue you will pay the fee to Andy
  6. You will receive a RECEIPT for your payment.
  7. Then you will get 9 MORE HOURS of instruction (total of 10 hrs)
  8. Each class will be RECORDED, using TWO cameras. Both videos will be sent to you on to your email address. One will show you and my 250 power-point slides. The other camera will stay focused on Andy so you can see all the tongue and mouth positions he makes. It usually takes half a day to receive the videos, depending on how busy Andy is.


Here is a wonderful comment from Cathy, who lives in Vancouver BC and took Andy's private class:



Thank you so much to meet and teach me on Wednesday. I was so inspired by
you and I felt the changing immediately through the class. I never thought the
accent reduction could be easier before I came to your class. It's a amazing to
see the improvement right away, and I never expect my accent reduction could
happen in a day. Even though there still a long way to go to reduce my accent,
but now I am confidence I will be get there one day with continuously practicing
these 5 steps.

Andy, I have to say I like the way you taught me, asked me to read via my
old style then taught me read via new methods. I can feel the difference right
away. And your stories and summary enriched the class and those actors or
actresses spoke beautifully which inspired me deeply. In general, I'd like to
say the setting of the class is excellent, the camera, TV monitor, the power
point, and the teaching videos ... But if you ask me anything could be better, I
couldn't find more except I thought it might be help too: if you can replay
the video of what I said in old way vs the way you just taught in the class
right after each stages, which could give me more visual image of the
difference... Overall I was convinced my accent will go soon with more

Andy thank you again for helping me integrate into the community. And
looking forward to see you next week again.


Best Regards!

Cathy Bao







From: Victor M
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2013 1:16 PM
To: Andy Krieger
Subject: BOOKLET and DVD. Accent Reduction-Review and Practice


Dear Andy


Thank you very much for the booklet for your K-Method.


It is indeed, very-very helpful as it contains all your tips presented in a very visual manner,


1) pictures about how to open your mouth, set one's lips, tongue, etc.


2) visual props  to remember to wait between words (tomatoes), elongate words (ET finger), TH sound (dragon), the bullet coming out of the gun etc


The booklet is printed with letters in different colors (black, red and blue), boxes to highlight the main points to remember, etc. 


In sum, I am convinced that the booklet would be very helpful to review once in a while all the lessons you taught me.


The DVD (lessons with a Mexican person) was also very good and helpful because you can see somebody else doing the same exercises you taught me during classes so I can see whether that person words are going down, the spaces, etc. It is easier to see it on somebody else. Now I  have to apply them to myself.


THANKS A MILLION again for the booklet and DVD. It would be in a prime place in booshelves and I am sure I will go back and forth to the booklet to reinforce your K-Method








 Here is a part of a recent comment from a Skype student:


 -----Original Message-----
From: Wenhong Li
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 3:24 PM
To: Andy Krieger
Subject: Re: Accent reduction


I am very happy to tell you about my experience in the classes with Andy. I would definitely recommend the course, and it is absolutely worth your time and money in taking the classes. So far I have had eight classes with Andy, and I feel my English has improved alot.


The first thing that Andy has helped me to improve is myEnglish pronunciation. I know that I have some accents on some pronunciations, but actually I have lots of other pronunication problems that I don't know.  Andy helps to tell me what pronunication is not perfect, and then he teaches me how to do it right. The positions of the mouth and tongue that Andy suggests have worked very well on me, and I'm sure they will work on you too. And i have to say, the way he corrects my pronunciation is very effective.


The second thing that Andy teaches me is how to speak in an elegant way. --Speaking in a way that is more convincing and powerful. I was in UK last year, and I met a girl from Thailand who does not have verygood English skills. I mean she made grammar mistakes frequently, but everybody likes listening to her talking and is deeply convinced by her. I always want to know how she made it, what is the secret in herspeech, and now I think Andy has given me the answer.


I am practicing the new way of speaking which, I feel, gives me a rhythm in my heart, and I feel good to speak in that way.


The third thing I really appreciate is that I have more confidence in my speech. I am more confident about my pronunciation as well as about what I am going to say. This will be very important for me, so that i am now brave enough to talk and discuss in group meetings.


I am sure all the things you learn from the classes will benefit you in your presentation and work for a long time, since I
really feel that to me. Hope my poor English has done its job in describing howgood the classes are. Having class using Skype is good. I don't think it will be problem. Usually I have class at 7pm in Germany (10am in Canada).


If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me. Good luck!

Best Regards



Tina (Wenhong) is from China. She is currently studying in Germany. We have had 8 classes on Skype, so far. She will get 2 more.



Once you make your payment you will receive 2 videos, each about 3 1/2 hrs long, which explain all the parts of Accent Reduction. They will be in an mp4 format. It will be sent to your email. Andy speaks into the camera.