Andy Krieger was born in and raised in San Francisco but has spent most of his life in Vancouver, BC. That's why he speaks with an ‘American accent,’ the basis of his K- Method accent reduction process.

After graduating from Stanford University, he joined the Peace Corps and spent 2 years teaching in Ethiopia. Andy obtained his teaching certificate in BC and for 10 years, he taught elementary and high school students in the lower mainland of B.C..


He has also worked in Los Angeles for Warner Bros. and for Central Casting as an extra- casting director, hiring extras for CHEERS, M.A.S.H., PRETTY WOMAN, ROCKY IV, STARGATE: THE NEXT GENERATION and scores of other movies, TV shows, and commercials.


In 1997, while working for the local actor’s union, he was asked by a U.S. film producer to help some Canadian actors with their speaking techniques. That's how he developed the K Method language delivery system that teaches students the right tongue and lip positions to pronounce each word without an accent.

Andy has developed a strong reputation as a teacher who makes students feel very comfortable and confident in the learning process.


He has successfully taught more than 10,500 students in North America and internationally. Read their testimonials by clicking here.

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