Speak Effectively in just 2 1/2 Hours

My name is Andy Krieger and I have been teaching my K Method since 1997, where I discovered that to become a great speaker:

  • I taught my students to SPEAK MORE SLOWLY
  • Then you will make ever word have a LONG VOWEL

These long vowels give the speaker INTONATION, POWER, ELEGANCE, MAJESTY (all the traits that Ed and the President have).

My exclusive DVD offer will help those of you with foreign accents. When you order my Speaking Effectively package you will get the following:

  • A 2 hour DVD explaining how to Speak Effectively
  • A second DVD, 3 1/2 hours in length, which explains the basis of my method, to help you understand the process even further
  • A 36 page book explaining the K Method in words, with many practice sentences
  • 1 hour of free follow-up (can be done in person, or via a webcam on SKYPE, or via telephone)

Order today by calling Andy at any time at 778 835-2535 or click the Paypal button below.


Order Andy's DVD - 'Speak More Effectively'

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Order Andy's DVD - 'Speak More Effectively'


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Bravo, Andy you can count yourself as one of the 5 most inspiring teachers I have ever had. Thank you for your passion and encouragement...

Heather M

Thanks again for your book and dvd, it has certainly set me off on the right foot and I have found myself speaking with much more confidence in all circumstances...

Natalie S

since buying your DVD I have noticed that a number of people who I've always thought were good speakers (some of my professors, lawyers I know, politicians, etc.) use the same technique...

Kristi P

Andy, you gave us the formula for how to speak in such a way that it sounds as if you are speaking it off the top of your head, with expression, pauses and appropriate body movements ---- even though you may actually know what you are going to say off by heart!

I thoroughly enjoyed your course and would say that its a must today for anyone seriously planning to succeed in any chosen career...

Hilliard H

This was a great experience. I learned so much. Andy is a great teacher with lot's of experience and has a very good method of teaching. I would take another class for sure. Thank you so much Andy. Loved the class...

Bernadette P

My speech lesson with Andy has helped me greatly. The method he has devised is very clear and very informative. He delved into the proper usage of mouth and tongue in order to attain proper intonations of words.His lesson has helped me improve my
pronunciations and voice projection; from monotone to lots of intonation, and as a result, helped to boost my self-confidence. As a student, I found his patience very encouraging. I would recommend Andy to my friends and relatives who are having similar issues with speech...

Benny A