In FIVE EASY STEPS you will be on your way to achieving your goal. You will have

Andy Krieger developed his method while teaching actors in Vancouver Canada how to speak “American” in order to gain work in American films shooting in the local area.


He noticed that one of his foreign-speaking actors began to LOSE his ACCENT while learning to ‘speak American.’ As time passed he then noticed that the actors became MORE EFFECTIVE SPEAKERS.

Success came to all because of his easy and fun FIVE STEP METHOD.


As a foreign speaker or native English speaker we all tend to speak somewhat or very fast. Your accent remains because of that speed of speech. It is difficult to be an effective speaker, initially, if you speak too fast.


The key elements of K Method developed by Andy include :

No other program offers success in such a short time. In Andy’s private classes students find success in about 2 1/2 HOURS.


Since 1997, Andy has taught thousands of students and no one has ever asked for their money back. Private and Group instruction is available.

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In eleven years of teaching my course to more than 6,500 students, no one has ever asked for a refund. Read some of their testimonials by clicking here.

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Or, if your native tongue is English and you have a desire to improve the way you speak in business, professional and personal settings, my system can help you achieve dramatic results quickly.

My teaching background combined with my years of involvement in the film industry in both the United States and Canada has enabled me to help executives, actors, academics, professionals and a wide range of other individuals to gain the confidence they need to communicate more effectively.

I have developed a technique (The "K" Method) that has been proven to deliver significant results within a 2 1/2 hour period for students with any kind of accent (Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, European, Spanish, Thai, etc).

Basically, I teach a 'language delivery' system that uses tongue and lip positions to make EACH word. The key steps are to:

With my method, all the letters of the alphabet are divided into 9 easy-to-learn positions that enable you to say each word clearly. Words, spoken with long vowels, are said in a clear and elegant way. That allows you to achieve the proper intonation and range of volume required in your voice.

I would be pleased to discuss your personal or corporate needs and I can provide private or group instruction. For more information, please email me at or call me at 604-261-1466 or call: 778-835-2535.


You will also receive another dvd, for no extra charge, showing me teaching another person with a foreign accent. That person will speak the same initial language as you have: Either Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Hindi, Philippino, Arabic, Farsi, East or South African, Spanish, Yugoslavian, Estonian, Australian, and British.


And you will receive 1 hour of free follow-up, via telephone, webcam, or an in-person. You can get this one hour, either all at once, or in 10 or 15 minute intervals of time.


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